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Raleigh Theodore Sakers

Rollie Theodore Sakers

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Raleigh (Rollie being his real name) Theodore Sakers is the man that is on the Robbin' The Hood CD.I have found that in 1930, at the semantic age of 4, Rollie lived in St. Louis, MO. 

In May of 1990 Rollie had moved from 12309 Cantara St., North Hollywood, Ca to 1000 S. Flower, #47, Inglewood, Ca.

Rollie renewed his driver's license in 1984, and it expired in 1996 and he hasn't renewed it since, but we have yet to know why. Could be any number of reasons.


The only known pic of Rollie Theodore Sakers.
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John and Dar Ross. Some old school sublime fans, notice them from the Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggertions video when sublime was playing in Camden, NJ. Their the guys that are dancing when sublime is playing Don't Push/ Garden Grove, promise you will see them.